2017 Florida McRib availability dwindling

We have been chatting with people in the know in the Florida area about how much longer the McRib will be on the menu for locations that have it right now. The best odds of capturing a McRib are in Tampa Bay region, Panama City, Panama City Beach, Blountstown, Port St. Joe, as well as other recently submitted locations from fans. While the original plan had been to serve the McRun until the end of April, sales have been exceeding expectations and some locations have already ran out of inventory. With inventory dropping rapidly, make sure to run in and grab a McRib before it is too late and you have to wait until much later in the year.

If you are lucky enough to find a McRib, please let us know so that we can help other fans while the McRib is available.

Thank you!

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McRib in Ukraine

While fans in parts of Florida and now South Carolina are enjoying the McRib, the McRib is also making an appearance on the menus of select Ukraine locations. McRib fan Joseph found the McRib at one of the locations in his area recently.
The sandwich is being billed as part of a “Ukrainian Seasonal National Dishes”. He inquired for more information and found out they were offering it at select locations to test out the reception of the sandwich. The sandwich is being served in a generic special menu box and includes a paper wrapper to help prevent the all too common McRib sauce spill.

Unfortunately, he also found out that they would only be selling the McRib there until March 10. Hopefully they decided to expand the locations offering the McRib, or bring it back for a longer period of time after they review the results.

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McRib returns for lucky fans in Florida

As we had heard rumor of previously, the McRib is making a spring appearance in Florida. We have had our first confirmed sighting near Tamp Bay, and it appears more will see it return Monday February 20th. We have inquired to how long it will be on the menu, and will update you once we get a response.

With the various Shamrock beverages being offered this year, customers in this area will have the option to have the very rare McRib and Shamrock Shake combination. If you pair these two, be sure to share photos with us!
If you find a McRib make sure to report it http://mcriblocator.com/report.html and send us a photo of your receipt (showing location and date purchased as well as your McRib order) to photos@mcriblocator.com . Thank you!

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