2016 US McRib coming back to …

We have received information regarding the upcoming 2016 US McRib season! Our long-time friends from the McDonald’s Association of NEPA (Northeastern Pennsylvania) have informed us the McRib will be back on their menus starting November 7th! They also expect the McRib to be on their menus through the end of the year. We will be providing more specifics to the participating locations shortly and then information about potential early releases in this region as we receive it.

In the past the McDonalds locations in NEPA received their McRibs a bit earlier in the cycle than many locations in the lower 48 Us States. This leaves us optimistic that we will see it spread out to other locations around or shortly after November 7th.
Unfortunately, it is not all good news. A fan recently contacted a corporate owner of many McDonalds locations in New York, and Connecticut and was told that the McRib was not returning there this season. This would also infer that there will not be a nationwide release, rather a continuation of the trend where each location/region decides if/when to offer it.

If you happen to find the McRib, please report it at http://mcriblocator.com and then if possible take a photo of your receipt showing the McRib purchase and email that to photos@mcriblocator.com so that your sighting can be updated to confirmed. With your help we can get the McRib into the hands of as many fans as possible. Thank you!

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McRib returns in Spain for 2016 appearance

Once again the McRib has jumped onto the menu for McDonalds customers in Spain. We were tipped off by Emilio with the following photo of his McRib.
Emilio's McRib

While advertised as the BBQ Rib sandwich, this variation is served on what appears to be a cornmeal topped bun, a bit different in composition than the bun used on the traditional US version.
Here are a few more shots from McDonalds Spain





What do you think of the Spanish version of the McRib? Comment below to let us know if you think you would like this bun or the traditional bun more.