McRib returns in Spain for 2016 appearance

Once again the McRib has jumped onto the menu for McDonalds customers in Spain. We were tipped off by Emilio with the following photo of his McRib.
Emilio's McRib

While advertised as the BBQ Rib sandwich, this variation is served on what appears to be a cornmeal topped bun, a bit different in composition than the bun used on the traditional US version.
Here are a few more shots from McDonalds Spain





What do you think of the Spanish version of the McRib? Comment below to let us know if you think you would like this bun or the traditional bun more.

Malta McRib and Chicken Sensation

McRib Returns to Malta

About a week ago we received word that the McRib had returned in Malta (sorry for the delay, I had been ill). The offering in Malta is of the traditional McRib variety, however is advertised as part of a duo of saucy sandwiches. The McRib’s partner is the Chicken Sensation, a chicken sandwich with honey mustard.
Malta McRib and Chicken Sensation

The nutrition page for the McRib mentions that the sandwich is back by popular demand confirming that it is possible to get the sandwich back if enough people ask for it.Malta McRib Nutrition Page.

We will keep an eye out for other McRib offerings world wide and let you know when we find them.

Make sure to keep reporting your McRib sightings at and emailing your McRib receipt photos to Thank you!

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