Wanted: your photo with a McRib and Shamrock Shake

The month of February has been a bit of an oddity. The McRib continues to have availability in select markets, with recent reports in Texas and Oklahoma. With St. Patrick’s day just around the corner, we know some locations are also offering the Shamrock Shake. As these two typically never are offered at the same location at the same time (a point discussed on the comedy Raising Hope), we are looking for evidence for future generations that this did happen at one point in time.

This has happened in the past, but we do not know if it will happen again.

Here are some photos from the last time we know this happened, back in 2013).

McRib & Shamrock Shake

Need some incentive? We dug through our vaults and found a few More McRib Locator pens. We will award one to the first person to provide us photo proof of both (hint, a receipt helps!). We will also give out a pen or two to the most unique photos showing both.

Send your photos to photos@mcriblocator.com by March 24th, 2015.

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McRib Season Still Strong in Texas, California, Virginia

Fan Jim (thank you!) from the DC area happened to be down in Texas for the Christmas season and happened to walk into a pocket of McDonalds locations that are still going all out with serving the McRib.

There is a whole lot of Texas, and also a whole lot of different promotions between Houston and Dallas.

1) 2 McRibs for $5
image 3

2) Purchase a McRib meal get another McRib sandwich for $1

3) 1 McRib meal for $5.19 or 2 McRib meals for $7.69
image 2

Additionally, we are still getting confirmations in California and in Virginia. One thing that we have also been hearing is that there are still a number of locations offering the McRib, however only upon request (no mention on the menu, no promotional material). It seems odd that there would be no mention of an item they are serving. This is something we have encountered in previous years only in the immediate days following the McRib promotion ending as inventory is prepared and discarded as it no longer meets warmer freshness standards (this also makes little sense, at least put up a temporary sign saying gone this week or something), but not this far past the primary McRib promotional period.

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25 Window Clings left

We still have 25 2014 McRib Locator Window Clings available to good homes. While you are probably getting tired of hearing about them, we really want to get these out to fans of the website. Share your first experience with the McRib as a reply to this post and we will send you one of our limited time window clings! We will keep awarding clings to the comments to this blog post as long as we have inventory left. Don’t miss your chance to show showcase your McRib love!

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