Is there something different with the McRib this year?

Long time fan Evan recently sent us a photo of a McRib advertisement for the McRib at a McDonalds in Williamsport, PA.


At first, my eyes were drawn to the sandwich, then quickly to noting the always spectacular buy a 2nd McRib for only $1 offer. Of course, I then noticed the slogan for this season “We’re bringing saucy back.” and can’t get the referenced song out of my head (dang you Justin Timberlake!).

Then it dawned on me something was different. Can you spot it? This isn’t the first time we have encountered this, however it has been a long time since we have (roughly 5 years to be more precise). Here is a photo from back then where you can see the same difference:

Still can’t see it? Here it is, the bun shown in the photo is not the typical McRib bun. Instead the photo shows a ciabatta bun being used. While I don’t recall this being bad, I still prefer the standard bun. Not to worry, Evan indicated that the bun offered was not what was pictured but actually the standard bun.

So what do you think? Time for change, or leave it be? Vote below.

If you have been lucky enough to have a McRib this season, did you notice anything new?
Let us (and other fans) know in the comments below.

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How do you say McRib?

Earlier today we talked with Good Day Sacramento about the McRib’s return this year. One question that came up during the interview was how people say McRib. We are curious what way you say McRib. Please vote below!

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Bad news for US McRib Fans

Delish nailed the headline on this news, “This Tragic McRib News Will Ruin Your Day”. Earlier today CNBC reported that the McRib release will be limited to only 8,000 of the roughly 14,350 US locations. While this story is making the news circuit not much further has been provided into the reasoning other than the standard statement about the McRib being a store/regional option.

This is of course unfortunate news. Have you found the McRib in the US this season? You can help McRib fans less fortunate by posting your sighting on our webpage, and emailing ( us a photo of your receipt so that we can mark your report as confirmed. This way fans will know where they can go to get their fix.

Don’t have the McRib in your area? Let your local store manager know that you want the McRib! Your voice counts, as the more the hear you want the McRib, the more they will realize they made a mistake and should bring it back.

As always we thank YOU for your assistance!

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