Website Update

We are pleased to announce that we have recently completed an overhaul of the website. Let us know what you think.

1) Easier to find the nearest McRib using our find page. If your browser supports geolocation and you opt to share that with us, we can search for the nearest 5 sightings to you. Your location is only used at the time of lookup, you will need to refresh the page as you move about.

2) Reporting a McRib Sighting has moved to a dedicated page. We had too much going on on the map page before, so we have simplified this. Alike the find page, the reporting page can use geolocation data to simplify the reporting process.

3) Embedded search and legend for map. Again, to help simplify what content goes with what, we pulled the map off to its own page. When the map loads, you will see a “Legend” button at the bottom of the map. Click it to be reminded what the color and icons shown represent. There is also a search button at the top of the map allowing you to filter your search or to look back to see where the McRib had been reported. In the past.

4) The webpage now has a mobile friendly viewing experience. That pesky menu bar is now available in a mobile specific layout that allows easier navigation of the site. The new find and report features should work great too.


What do you think of the update?

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McRib saw limited 2014 release in the UK

After hunting a bit on the web, we found that we missed out when Burger Lad reported that for a brief period of time during June 2014 the McRib was being tested at a select group of McDonalds in the UK.

@ThePatrickLambe captured this photo of the test run
@ThePatrickLambe captured this photo of the 2014 McRib test run.

Based on the comments, it appears that the UK may see a more widespread release of the McRib this coming January! Finally the cries across the UK for the return of the McRib will be answered.

If/when you find a McRib, please mark your sighting at and be sure to send us a photo ( of your receipt showing the purchase so that we may mark it as confirmed.

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World Cup McRib

In honor of the World Cup in Brazil, McDonalds Brazil has brought to their menu variations of a few favorite sandwiches from around the globe. Fittingly, they are offering a McRib sandwich variant. This sandwich claims to be inspired from Germany, where we all know the McRib is available year round.

German inspired McRib

Description Translation: Pork in format of special, lettuce, cheese with pepper, pickles, red onion and mustard sauce German bread in particular.

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