McRib to return in US Late Summer 2015

We have just received word that the McRib will again be making an appearance within the United States. While it is still uncertain how many locations will be offering the McRib across the country, we do know that one area that will be offering it is Northeastern Pennsylvania. @McDNEPA tells us that they are planning to bring back the McRib at the start of September and will keep it on the menu until later in the month of October, or as supplies last. Some of their restaurants will offer the McRib starting the last few days of August for fans to start their McRib feasts as soon as possible.

If that wasn’t enough good news, @McDNEPA also tells us that they plan to offer the McRib at the same price points as last year, single sandwich at $2.99 (plus tax), Medium Extra Value Meal at $4.99 (plus tax), and will also retain the ever popular add a McRib to ANY Extra Value Meal for only $1 (plus tax) more!

If you find a McRib make sure to report it and send us a photo of your receipt (showing location and date purchased as well as your McRib order) to . Thank you!

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McRib Is Back – In New Zealand

As was the case last year, the McRib is again popping up at other locations around the globe. Most of the time these offering are very much like the offering in the United States, although sometimes takes an interesting twist (Japan’s McRib). Today, a fan in New Zealand (thanks Regan!) tipped us off to and provided confirmation of the McRib being back in New Zealand!

New Zealand McRib

New Zealand McRib Details

On their Twitter page, you can find some interesting promotional material. Granted, it isn’t that unusual for one to spill a lot of sauce if they try to eat a McRib in their car, this video shows a person getting pretty saucy in a dance studio:

Leading up to the release they also had a few teaser videos to get people excited:

This isn’t the first time we have watched an interesting video of the McRib’s return from this region of the world, you may recall Actress Claudia Black was part of an Australian promotion many years ago:

As always, if you find a McRib, please report it on our website then send us in a photo of your receipt showing purchase so that we may mark your sighting confirmed. Thanks again Regan!

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NEW McRib returns to the Philippines

As a few of our Facebook fans mentioned earlier this week, the McRib has returned to the Philippines (specifically the 14th of April). For a limited time, they are offering two variations of what they are calling the NEW McRib: a Pork McRib, and the Pork McRib Deluxe. The primary difference between the two is the Deluxe comes with Mayonnaise and Lettuce in addition to the fixing of the “standard” McRib.

Main Menu

Pork McRib

Pork McRib Deluxe

Here is a clip of their current campaign from YouTube:

Have you had one of these NEW McRibs? If so, leave a comment, we would love to hear what you thought of it.

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