2016 US McRib season coming to an end

While some locations never saw the McRib again this year, others that did see the McRib are now seeing it fall from the menu. In some places the sandwich is already gone. In other markets, there is a push to have all advertising removed by Christmas. Perhaps McDonalds is going to leave a stack of McRibs for Santa, or perhaps the Hamburglar is buying out inventory to get as many as he can for himself.

As inventory drops, it is important that we hear from you if you find the McRib still offered. Some fans have been known to freeze McRibs for the long offseason, others may have been holding out that the McRib would get closer. In either scenario, McRib fans need your help to get their last chance McRibs. If you find a McRib at your local store, make sure to report it on the McRib Locator website and send us a photo to confirm the date of purchase, location, and proof that the sandwich was purchased. Fans everywhere thank you for your assistance.

With the continued absence of the McRib in some portions of the country, many are asking “What can I do to get the McRib back?” The single best piece of advice we offer in response to this question is that you should let your local store manager know you want the McRib back. Some stores are independently operated, some work with others in a geographical region on advertising campaigns to best pool their budgets, and some are corporately owned. In any of the three cases, the store managers that hear a lot of requests should be able to pass this upstream and hopefully get some encouragement to a return in your area.

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UPDATED: Mystery promotion coming to Southern California

About a week ago we were tipped off to a unique billboard in Southern California alluding to an upcoming promotion in the region.

Now that promotion is live, we see that the McRib Tour is a promotion where McRib fans can grab some McRib Swag at various meeting points between now and December 11, 2016.

There are a few different options for shirt, or perhaps for what type of pig you relate to. On the website users can generate three words describing their “role” on the tour. Presenting this badge at one of the sanctioned events results in the user grabbing some swag, which appears to be at a minimum shirts that match with the badge assignment.

Original Post:
After visiting the webpage for this billboard, we noticed that there is a countdown clock, with at the time of this post, a 5 day countdown until some type of promotion with the McRib and Dr. Pepper begins. For a region that skipped the McRib last year, this appears to be a potential reward for the wait. Requests for more information were not returned at the time of this posting. We will updated this post with more information as it becomes available.

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Central America McRib Update

It appears that our original report of the McRib returning in El Salvador was a bit underestimated. We now note that the McRib has also returned in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua.
The offering here is very much like that earlier reported for El Salvador with the Potato Wedges (McPatatas). It is worth noting that the yellow sauce they are offering with the McPatatas at some locations is actually a cheese sauce called McQueso. The are also offering a wide range of retro toys within their promotions, although we do not note these toys elsewhere for purchase. Based on the Facebook pages for the McDonalds in these countries, it appears that they often pool together on promotions such as this.

If you find a McRib make sure to report it http://mcriblocator.com/report.html and send us a photo of your receipt (showing location and date purchased as well as your McRib order) to photos@mcriblocator.com . Thank you!

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