McRib News October 11, 2011

A few notable items as McRib season spins up.

1) McDonalds has launched their McRib promotional page at It appears that there will be some type of online game with “The Quest for the Golden McRib”. Will the winner get a trip to visit the land of boneless pigs, or will they get some other generous prize? 2 weeks and we will know.

2) Just as important on the McDonalds promotional page, the official release of the McRib is called out as October 24. There is still hope for those of us that have not yet this year dined on the bliss that is the McRib.

3) Rumors are floating into our inbox hinting that this McRib season may be elongated. Greg from Hicksville, NY indicates that the management at the local corporately owned McDonalds indicated that this season is a 3 month test run. Depending on the results, the McRib may continue to return annually, only return in limited runs, or may become a regular item. For those of you wondering how to get the McRib to stick around, please be sure to visit the McDonalds at 280 North Broadway, Hicksville, NY and purchase as many McRibs as you can!

If you find the McRib, make sure to to enter your sighting at To have your sighting promoted to confirmed status, send us a photo ( of your receipt so that your sighting may be promoted to confirmed! Bonus for those that also send a photo of themselves enjoying the McRib, we will share these on the blog.

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