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General Information

Q: How reliable are the sightings?
A: The site is based on user input, thus the sightings are only as valid as the entries being made. We rely on site users to help us confirm the sightings in their area by Confirming or Disputing the sighting. If the sight shows up as "Confirmed" (with a check within the icon), that means we have received a receipt confirming the purchase of a McRib. These receipt confirmed sights are highly likely to have the McRib. Please call ahead to confirm the McRib is available before traveling any great length to purchase one.

Q: Is there a way to only see the sightings in my state/region?
A: I have added the ability to search the sightings by state. Below the Date Range options, you can enter a 2 letter state abbreviation (or several states with a comma between abbreviations) and see the latest sightings for just your area of interest. Hope this helps!

Q: Why isn't my sighting on the map anymore/Surely there are more in my state?
A: Due to the high volume of sightings coming in, I had to limit the initial map to the most recent 500 sightings. Confirmed sightings are picked before the most recent (Ex: In the past 15 days, a map with 50 confirmed sightings would also have 950 most recent sightings). To see more in your area, you can select your specific state/s below the Sighting entry form.

Q: What is up with all of the sightings by "Hamburglar"?
A: If someone sights a McRib, however fails to enter their name, this is the default.

Q: How do I get my sighting to be on the confirmed sighting list?
A: In order to have a confirmed sighting, we will need to have you email (Click this link to send us an email at photos@mcriblocator.com) us a copy of your receipt, or send it to us on Twitter (Click this link to visit us on Twitter)

Q: Do you work for McDonalds and/or the Pork industry?
A: No. This site was created to help McRib fans locate this tasty yet ellusive sandwich.

Q: I MUST have a McRib now. What can I do?
A: Germany offers the McRib year round, and at this time is the only known country to do so.
In the United States, the McRib is an item that is up to each Restaurant/Region to decide to offer on the menu. Let your local restaurant's manager know you want the McRib!

Q: Why the McRib?
A: If you ever have the chance to try a McRib I suggest you do! The pork patty is slathered in BBQ, topped with pickles and onions, and served on a hoagie style bun.

Q: What do the icons represent?
Confirmed Sighting(in past 10 days) Possible Sighting(in past 10 days) Questionable Sighting(in past 10 days)
Confirmed Sighting(sighted in past 15 days) Possible Sighting(sighted in past 15 days) Questionable Sighting(sighted in past 15 days)